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Healing schools for refugee children

International (MNN) – World Refugee Day, June 20, is a day that remembers those 65.3 million refugees who have been forced from their homes due to violence, conflict, and natural disasters. It remembers all that they have lost… Read More

Love Europe app helps refugees

Europe (MNN) — Tensions flare in Europe and a new UN report reveals troubling statistics.  Ahead of next week’s EU Summit, several nation heads remain bitterly opposed over issues of migration and refugee asylum.  Meanwhile, the number of… Read More

A new way to record the Bible

International (MNN) – Creating Bible audio recordings in different languages can take a long time – sometimes even years. Especially with people groups, ministry teams and translators must learn and understand the language, they must record the language… Read More

Planning Christmas in August

Haiti (MNN) — If someone wishes you a Merry Christmas this summer, they’re probably not crazy; they’re just with For Haiti With Love. For Haiti With Love’s Eva Dehart is already moving forward with the Christmas in August… Read More

A political shift in Lebanon

Lebanon (MNN) — The results of Lebanon’s parliamentary elections from May have shifted the government. The results granted more power to Christian political parties as well as the Shi’a Islamic-supported political party, Hezbollah. Of the 128 seats in… Read More