Boko Haram takes second in 2014

Nigeria (MNN) — Another terror group known as Boko Haram has been in the news more than 40 times in 2014.

Attacks on churches and Christian communities and kidnapping of school girls have left Christians fearful and wondering about their future. The most recent attack was just a few weeks ago: twin suicide bombings killed about 80 people in Maiduguri.

Is the government helping? David Curry with Open Doors says, “People need to understand how ineffectual the government of Nigeria has been. To those of us who are observing this closely, it seems as though they’re intentionally dragging their feet in protecting these regions where Christians have been segregated.”

Christians are asking prayer for the strength to endure.  Curry offers this thought, too: “I think we need to be praying every day for persecuted believers in Nigeria so that we don’t get caught up just in our own Western world. We need to lift them up in prayer. There are also ways that you can support the work that we do there.”

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