BMS World Mission

(was Baptist Missionary Society) Long list of openings often includes teaching positions. Some are paid.

Volunteer TESL instructor openings listed.

Engineering openings are often listed. We will do all we can to make sure that your placement uses your time, skills and experience in the best possible way. We prayerfully match the needs of our partners overseas to the time and skills you have available. Simple – but profoundly meaningful. You can go for a few weeks through to two years. (Baptist affiliation)

Short term experience for law students and young lawyers with a passion for justice to broaden their practical understanding of God’s heart for mission through advocacy. Assist and work alongside projects in Africa that aim to advise, advocate and provide justice for everyone, regardless of age, background or status.

Extensive listing of openings in many countries for many specialties, including all manner of physicians, nurses, midwives, trainers, administrators. Short and long term.

Bangladesh, Paraguay, Nepal, India – just some of the places you can go for your medical elective with BMS. Whether you are a training to be a doctor, nurse, dentist, physio or OT we will try to find a placement for you.

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