Behind bars, hope can be found

Sending hope through a letter

Send hope through a card.

Int’l (MNN) — There are many around the world who will be spending this Christmas season incarcerated. Hebrews 13 encourages us to “Remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them.”

David Schuringa says, “At Crossroad Bible Institute we have a Send A Card Program. We invite people to get involved in this. Sunday school groups, prayer groups churches, and schools and families [can] write up a personalized Christmas card and sign just their first name, of course; then they send that to us and we include that with [our Bible] lessons to the people in prison.”

Schuringa excitedly says, “I can’t tell you [that] many of our students will say, ‘This is the only Christmas card I have received. The only one.’ They save them. They put them on the walls of their prison cells. And it is such a concrete way to remember people in prison.”

Sending a simple Christmas card to someone in prison can make the deepest of impacts. Pray that the lives of many in prison will be touched this Christmas and will be transformed by Christ. Also pray for the leaders and pastors in prison to find hope and encouragement through God’s Word and the prayers of His people.