Baptizing prisoners in India

Photo by Crossroad Bible Institute

(Photo by Crossroad Bible Institute)

India (MNN) — God calls us to rejoice with fellow believers in Christ who are honored (1 Cor 12:26). The following is a report that is certainly cause for rejoicing.

The ministry of Crossroad Bible Institute in Manipur, India, continues to grow, thanks to the diligent work of CBI India director Mathotmi Vasha, who had a busy year baptizing inmates.

Vasha periodically preaches in Sajiwa Central Jail and Shine Rehabilitation Center, bringing the Gospel to the people there, many of whom become CBI students.

“The biggest accomplishment of CBI India for the last year is seeing 46 male prisoners baptized after receiving Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal Savior through the Word of God,” said Vasha.

Dr. David Schuringa, president of CBI, says, “CBI India has witnessed remarkable transformations in their students this past year. Mathotmi Vasha is clearly passionate about preaching God’s Word to some of his country’s most forgotten and ostracized members of society. Hearing this update was not only a personal encouragement to me, but also an encouragement to CBI’s ministry in general, here in the United States, and beyond.”

In the past year, the staff from CBI India organized 3 Instructor seminars in which Instructors received encouragement and guidance from Vasha. The Instructors are then able to invest that encouragement right back into CBI India’s students, who are deeply grateful for the discipleship they receive from the CBI program.

The verse mentioned above also calls us to mourn with those of the Body who suffer. Schuringa affirms this: “My heart is full as I rejoice at this praise report from CBI India. But I am also sobered in remembering the many stories currently flooding our airwaves and social media about the persecution of Christians across the globe, even as we speak. We cannot forget that we are called to mourn with those around the world who are mourning and continue to lift them up in our prayers.”

This is not a call to live in despair. While we shouldn’t ignore the bad of the world, we should thank God for proving He is still in control.

As Schuringa puts it, “When I hear updates from CBI satellite campuses, I am reminded that amid the tumult in our world, God’s Word continues to transform lives. Because of this reality, I think it is all the more important for us Christians to finely tune our ears and our hearts to the work that our global brothers and sisters are doing. Only then can we truly rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn, as the apostle Paul says we are to do as one body in Christ.”

Please remember your fellow believers in prayer and praise today.