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Mission Evangelique Vie Abondante En Christ

I spent a week in the west of our country. I went to train a group of pastors and church leaders on evangelization. Brother There is a great need for evangelization here.This region hi be devastated by the war that this country has experienced in 2010.

These servants of God promised to go to the people who live in the bush to announce the gospel.Please continue to pray for me, I need some means to realize well this great work in this country. All these missions, I do them with the meager means that I receive. May the Lord grant me the essentials to better continue his work to reach the unreached peoples in this country.

 Your brother pastor James.

[If you want to support Pastor James please contact Solomon’s Porch directly and we can arrange.]

Mission Evangelique Vie Abondante En Christ – March 2019 Update

1 / Next week from 11 to 17 March I will be in a region of his country named Duekoue.

I am going to give training to a group of pastors and church leaders.

The module will be on church planting. During the day will be the formation in a church and each evening we will go out to evangelize door to door which will be followed by projection of Christian films.

I want you to pray for the perfect program success. Let it coordinate everything for the glory of its name.

  2 / Pray that the Lord grant me the financial and material means necessary to make known his word in this nation.

There is a great need in our country. Many pastors and church leaders are not trained because of lack of means, unfortunately these pastors teach the people of God very badly.

By the grace of God I am going from town to town and from village to village and I organize seminars to train pastors who wish to learn the word of God.

  3 / Pray that the Lord will put me in contact with organizations or servants of God who will help me to do better this work which is of great importance for our African countries.

May God bless your family and your ministry.

  I will bring you the report of my activities of Duekoue on my return.

Your brother Pastor James

Pray for Pastor James of Mission Evangelique Vie Abondante En Christ

Hello my brothers  & sisters.
I am on my way to Senegal to have training with some pastors and churches leaders.Brother please pray for me,because the roads are very bad.I will have 4 to 5 days of travel. This morning we spent 6 hours here because cars were stuck in the mud.

Thankfulness & gratitude – the root of healthy thinking.

Thankfulness or gratitude can be the root of healthy thinking. Even if “good” is hard to see sometimes, help your student find it in their life. It will change their perspective.

A few ideas from AJ Jacobs:

– Look Up. (See the people around you.)
– Smell the Roses. (Take the time to see it.)
– Find hidden masterpieces around you. (There are amazing things all around us.)
– Fake it till you feel it. (Start by acting thankful.)
– Gratitude will spark action.

And if you want to go deeper in how thankfulness works, watch the full video of AJ Jacobs.

Our friend Muteti Abed – Global Prayer Safari

We wanted to introduce you to our friend Abed from Kenya. He is a local pastor serving his community – Machakos – with his family. He has the opportunity to be part of a prayer event trip to Ethiopia. This is a unique opportunity for him and as you can see below he needs financial assistance for the cost of travel. He needs $500. If you are able to help please contact me directly for donation information.

Visit for more information.

Help cover the costs of travel for Abed Muteti to attend the Global Prayer Safari organized by the CRC –

RE: Invitation to the Global Prayer Safari, Ethiopia, 2019

We are pleased to invite you to join us for Global Prayer Safari scheduled for February 1 – 10,
2019 in Ethiopia. God tells us in His word in 2nd Chronicles 7:14 “if my people, who are called by my name, will
humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear
from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

A group of Christians from Africa, USA, Canada and other parts of the world will join Christians
in Ethiopia for prayers. We shall pray for Ethiopia, Africa and the world at large. The goal is to
pray for the families, national and local governments, organizations, businesses, schools,
churches, youth, individuals etc.

You will take care of your flight ticket while Resonate Global Mission will be responsible
for your room and board. Also, get a yellow fever vaccine.

Thank you for joining us for GPS 2019 as we pray on-site and off-site with insight.

Please confirm your attendance and your participation to Rev. Njue Mugo (+254713919538)

Indeed, God acts in response to prayer!

Mission Evangelique Vie Abondante En Christ – November Update

By the grace of God, yesterday night we had an excellent time of prayer, praise and a very good time of Bible teaching on the Prayer. We were 188 people at this great moment of communion with Christ. I give thanks to God who gives me the opportunity to receive your support in prayers.

Your brother Pastor James
Cote D’Ivoire

Mission Evangelique Vie Abondante En Christ – October Update

Dear brother & siser.

By the grace of God we had an excellent moment of communion with the Lord Jesus last night. God filled our hearts with happiness by his presence. We were 210 Christians blessed by the word of God.By the grace of God 25 new souls have accepted the Lord Jesus as savior and personal Lord. It is a real pleasure for me to the serve the Lord Jesus with you. Thanks for your support in my ministry.

I want Christian partners or Christian organizations to work together for the well-being of the people of this country and also for the expansion of the gospel in Africa. There are many unreached peoples in this country. Please I need your Help to go the light of God in these regions full of darkness.

Here are my contacts:
02 PO.BOX 426 San Pedro
Tel: 225 07329768
Pastor Wheagar James

The Queensland Foundation for Children

The Queensland Foundation for Children, Health and Education presents you its greetings for the good work you do in the world and in Haiti at Pignon.

Having noticed that your organization works in the following activities, education, health, agriculture, we are a small Christian non-profit organization whose main mission is to work to improve the living conditions of the Haitian population living in the zones rural and urban areas of Haiti.

In previous years, we found in Haiti, a small Christian university called: Queensland University (UQ) which was completely destroyed after the passage of the earthquake of January 12, 2010 in Haiti.

The School Institution Mixte Queensland a small elementary and High school that serves to help disadvantaged children and youth go to primary and secondary school.

We are building a new Queensland University Campus and Queensland University Hospital in the Northeast Department, and starting a farm in the northeastern department of Fort Liberty.

Since February 2018, Queensland University has opened a mini-campus in Pignon, near the Hospital Bienfaisance to help young people in Pignon stay at home to continue their university and professional studies. Queensland University begins with the nursing school with about twenty girls and boys from Pignon including the Queensland University School of Education which opened in Pignon, Haiti to help teachers perfect their skills knowledge.

The main purpose of our letter is that we seek solidarity and collaboration of your organization either to help us complete other activities or to support us with the Queensland University School of Nursing or the construction of the Queensland University Hospital in the Northeast Department, Fort-Liberté and other activities you decide to help us.
We thank you already for your cooperation and your prayer.

Jean-Claude Dorsainvil
Queensland Foundation for Children, Health and Education (QFCHE)
Email :
Tel (509) 4310-5050
Nord-est, Fort-liberte,
Pignon, Haiti

Mission Evangelique Vie Abondante En Christ

May God bless you richly. Thank you for your prayers.By the grace of God the training I told you was very good.We had a good week of training in Yamoussoukro the capital of our country.I was able to meet with 30 pastors and church leaders from different parts of the country.There is a great need for training here in Africa. Many pastors here do not have any Bible training.This causes a misinterpretation of the Holy Scriptures.

Prayer request:

1 / Pray for our future evangelization programs with an unreached people

2 / Let’s pray because we have a need for Bibles to distribute to new souls who have accepted Christ here.

3 / Pray for me this Friday 19th I am invited by a church to teach about repentance.

Your brother and servant

Pastor Wheagar James

India home to the most unreached people groups

India (MNN) – India is home to more unreached people groups than any other nation, and the numbers of unengaged people will continue escalating according to World Mission’s Greg Kelley.

“Within the next 20 years, not only will it be the most populated Hindu country in the world, but it will simultaneously be the most populated Muslim country in the world,” Kelley says.

“So, you have this collision of Hinduism and Islam kind of colliding there and it’s a tremendous opportunity for the Body of Christ to engage, share the Gospel because when you have that amount of darkness in one country, all the more opportunity for the light of Jesus Christ to shine.”

Kelley says it’s difficult to engage Hindus in India with the Gospel because there are thousands of villages with no Christian presence.

However, World Mission has established their work by engaging through different projects including starting water projects, giving their solar-powered audio Bibles, the Treasure, and establishing churches in remote communities.

Kelley recently visited national partners and communities in India and shares there are many stories of people coming to Christ through these projects.

Treasure Distribution

For example, World Mission national partners met a woman who had been bed-ridden for ten years due to a disease that had no medical treatment. One of the partners distributed Treasures in her village in the Hindi language and God healed her.

She became passionate about God and continued listening to the Treasure.

As a result of her testimony and witness of God, 300 people in her village were moved and gave their lives to Christ.

Even now, “she is using the Treasure to disciple people and raise people up and this is less than a year that she’s known the Lord,” Kelley says.

Church Planting

Kelley shares another story from when he recently visited India.

He went to a leper community.

(Photo courtesy of World Mission via Facebook)

“They truly are the least of these. They’re outcasts. Society as a whole doesn’t want to associate in any way with them. They are given the worst quarters of these communities, but they live together. There’s a real connectivity that they have with one another, and they have such a tender heart as well, and they’re just like anybody who needs to be loved.”

World Mission distributed Treasures among the community, shared the Gospel, and told them God loves them.

Acting in love toward this community, encouraged listening groups to form, “and World Mission is planning on planting a Church before the end of this year, right in the middle of that leper colony.”

Water Filters and Wells

Finally, World Mission visiting different Indian communities and drilling wells and distributing water filters that last up to three years.

Kelley says there’s plenty of surface water like rivers in India, particularly in the rainy season.

“But it is filled with bacteria and people are getting sick, and it’s killing people literally.”

This opens opportunities for World Mission to address physical and spiritual needs.

Part of World Mission’s strategy is to drill wells, distribute Treasures, and establish a new Church next to the well.

In one village, there is a Hindu priest authority. The only known Christian in the village is his son.

“We have a tremendous opportunity to put a water well in there and to establish a Church because this [son is] being discipled and mentored by our leadership team,” Kelley says.

World Mission is currently bringing Treasures into the community, and they are praying that the Hindu priest would come to know Jesus as his son has.

Right now, World Mission has a vision to drill hundreds of wells in India so they can share the ‘Living Water’ with villagers.

“These water projects are also paving the way and opening up doors for the Gospel to go forward. We just need to get people behind this financially and with their prayers.”

Support World Mission

Help support water projects and Treasure distributions here.

Also, pray for World Mission’s national partners who are facing a rise in persecution.

“There’s a lot of local authorities that are Hindu that have been empowered and emboldened to really persecute Christians and make sharing the Gospel very difficult,” Kelley says.

“We’ve had people physically beaten. We’ve had people that have been detained for periods of time, but the thing that’s amazing is it doesn’t deter people. It doesn’t discourage Christian leaders from sharing the Gospel because they’re motivated by something that goes beyond what this world represents. They’re motivated by eternity.”

Partner with World Mission by supporting their work in India through prayer and giving.

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Bringing Bible hope into flood-torn Kerala

India (MNN) – The floods in Kerala state in India have taken about 400 lives since June. More than a million others have been displaced and currently reside in thousands of refugee camps around the state.

From Flooding to Fever

Over the first twenty days of August, more than 160% more rain than normal pelted the state. As a result, more dams than ever have been opened and flood waters have reached monumental levels.

(Photo courtesy of Mission India)

The floods may be subsiding, but unfortunately, the troubles are not over. Now, in addition to the flood damage, many are facing the reality of water-borne diseases like leptospirosis or rat fever. People are struggling for daily necessities and hope seems far away.

Yet local Christians know where their true hope and peace are found. Even while battling disease and poverty they are asking for Christian books and resources to encourage their own hearts and help them share Jesus with others.

Sending Hope in Seed Containers

Jason Woolford, Executive Director of Mission Cry, explains that the storms ruined many of the resources previously sent to the area. Now with people searching for peace in the midst of chaos, these resources are becoming vital.

Woolford explains that even in these difficult times, the Word of God does not return void. “We’re going to be giving these to Christians that are going to be able to have an opportunity to go in and minister to some of these people who might now be open to hearing something other than what they currently believe.”

Battling Increased Pressure

However, these words are not always welcome. This area and surrounding states in India are becoming more and more resistant to Gospel witness. In the past, Kerala has been a sort of jumping off point, where Mission Cry has been able to send resources to be distributed into states with more oppression for Christians. However, that has become more difficult with the flooding there.

Unfortunately, Woolford explains that rerouting and sending resources directly into some other areas of India is not really an option. “It can be a very very difficult and rough place to get Bibles and Christian books into. And it’s one of the areas where one of our Mission Cry CRI missionaries was beaten and imprisoned for distributing the Word of God.”

Join Mission Cry in Prayer

But God has provided for a new seed container full of resources to go to India. Pray for Mission Cry and local Indian believers as they bring and distribute the Gospel through seed containers in flood-burdened Kerala state. Pray that their work will continue unhindered.

Please also pray for local Christians as they seek to rebuild their lives and homes after the damage of the storm.

Join Mission Cry in bringing hope to people around the world through the ministry of Christian books and Bibles. Learn more here.



(Header photo courtesy of Rob Oo via Flickr under Creative Commons:

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Mission Evangelique Vie Abondante En Christ

Located in West Africa, Cote D’Ivoire is a beautiful county. Pasteur Wheagar James is serving God there. Find out more about Orphan Sunday Cote D’Ivoire and connect with him directly on Facebook

In this region where I live; there are many unreached people, and my passion is to proclaim the gospel to all these people. Please publish all those (Servant of God or Organizations) who have the burden of announcing the gospel let them come we are going to join together to accomplish the task that the Lord has entrusted to us all.

Pastor Wheagar James
02 BP 426 San Pedro COTE D’IVOIRE

Spotted the missionary a mile away :)

A clever take on the visiting missionary! If you have been involved in missions, you know the feeling. And if you have been in a church with a visiting missionary, you can relate. 


Learning English not easy!

Check out this video to see how inconsistent English pronunciation actually is. And what would happen if we gave every vowel a single sound much like Spanish. 

Planning Christmas in August

Haiti (MNN) — If someone wishes you a Merry Christmas this summer, they’re probably not crazy; they’re just with For Haiti With Love.

For Haiti With Love’s Eva Dehart is already moving forward with the Christmas in August event. She says it’s “a launching pad for a party on Christmas Day to celebrate Jesus’s birthday with the poorest of the poor in Northern Haiti.”

“We’re going out into the countryside for Christmas this year to a village that hasn’t had this sort of thing before, so it’s an opportunity to introduce the Gospel, to show God’s love, and to share Jesus’s story with children who may or may not have heard it before.”

Last year’s Christmas in August banquet (Photo courtesy of For Haiti With Love)

But why start talking about a December celebration in Haiti right now? Dehart says plans have to get underway as soon as possible if they want to pull off the event.

“Logistically, we have to have enough time to get all our stuff shipped, so we can’t start it in November and have a party in December in Haiti,” Dehart says. “We start shipping two days after the Christmas in August party.”

The party will kick off a collection of gifts for around 500 Haitian children, food for the party, and funds to get everything shipped overseas. It will be held on August 13 in Tampa Bay, Florida at a local church building.

“Guests make a donation for their dinner and they also bring an unwrapped toy to put under the Christmas tree, so it’s the launching for the Christmas party in Haiti, both in gifts and in money,” Dehart says.

Can’t make it to Florida? You can still help launch the project.

“Anybody wanting to share with Christmas this year can do it in the form of donated toys, toiletries, or cash, and we’ll make sure it is spent on food, transportation, or more gifts,” Dehart says. “Sometimes those gifts can be toothbrushes, toothpaste, pretty little things for their hair, washcloths, bath towels – those things are luxury items in Haiti.”

Last year’s Christmas party (Photo courtesy of For Haiti With Love)

But like the holiday itself, For Haiti With Love’s Christmas party is about more than just gifts. They’ll use the celebration as a chance to minister to Haitian kids via the children’s version of the Jesus Film, a Christmas service, and one-on-one conversations.

“The real emphasis is on Jesus, the fact that it is his birthday, the fact that we celebrate him, and the fact that he provides for us, so they have tangible evidence that he provides for them,” Dehart says.

“The more participation we have from readers and listeners, the bigger and the better the party and the more children we can impact with the Gospel message, and that is what it’s all about.”

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Ministering in the mountains of Mexico

Mexico (MNN) — Alcoholism, family struggles, and a stale understanding of the Bible were all rampant in the mountains near Oaxaca, Mexico just a few weeks ago. And that’s exactly where Jim Loker and his team went.

“We were in an area where the people were very hard-hearted,” Loker said. “It was a very dark region.”

That’s why Loker’s organization, Audio Scripture Ministries, collaborated with a church from Grand Rapids, Michigan to send in a team with God’s Word in audio.

“A big reason for all of that mess and darkness is that Mixteco (the language they speak) Scriptures have not been accessible to the people for many, many years, and it wasn’t until recently that [things changed].”

Wycliffe Bible Translators completed a Scripture translation in Mixteco some years ago, but since most Mixteco are oral-preference learners, few from the area could easily access it. At the time they went in, ASM knew of only a handful of people who could read and understand the Mixteco Bible.

(Photo courtesy of Audio Scripture Ministries)

Recently, the ASM studio in Oaxaca finally found the resources and voices to record audio versions of the translations. The team then took the audio Bibles into the mountains to distribute them.

“We worked through local pastors and leaders, and we were able to walk their trails and visit local families, and we were able to share the Gospel with lots of different people,” Loker said. “We shared the Gospel, saw many families come to Christ, showed people how to use the Bible, and prayed for their family needs — not only their spiritual needs but their physical needs.”

The trip also allowed the team to encourage local church leaders.

“Many of them [struggle] because they work in a really, really hard part of the world where they don’t see a lot of results,” Loker said. Part of what makes the area so hard to minister in is the lack of Bibles and interest in the Bible.

“Now, with all these different audio Bibles in the hands of local believers and nonbelievers, they can hear the Scriptures and the Scriptures have become resurrected.”

Want to help? Loker said ASM needs more teams that can help them distribute Scripture in the area. Audio Bibles have the potential to reach countless people thanks to communities that share resources and play the audio at gatherings — but they have to reach those communities in the first place.

Most of all, ASM is asking for prayer. Loker said he can trace almost every change they’ve seen back to prayer, and ASM has even made a prayer guide that can help you know how to pray.


(Header photo courtesy of Audio Scripture Ministries)

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Go Volunteer Africa – New Organization on Solomon’s Porch

We invite you to explore the latest listing on Solomon’s Porch: Go Volunteer Africa!

Languages shape the way we think

A fascinating TED Talk about the way we think based on our language.

See Transcript

So let me tell you about some of my favorite examples. I’ll start with an example from an Aboriginal community in Australia that I had the chance to work with. These are the Kuuk Thaayorre people. They live in Pormpuraaw at the very west edge of Cape York. What’s cool about Kuuk Thaayorre is, in Kuuk Thaayorre, they don’t use words like “left” and “right,” and instead, everything is in cardinal directions: north, south, east and west. And when I say everything, I really mean everything. You would say something like, “Oh, there’s an ant on your southwest leg.” Or, “Move your cup to the north-northeast a little bit.” In fact, the way that you say “hello” in Kuuk Thaayorre is you say, “Which way are you going?” And the answer should be, “North-northeast in the far distance. How about you?”

Short Terms Mission Trips Explained

…well, you decided. 🙂