Aids Orphans & Street Children

Worldwide, there are an estimated 16 million AIDS Orphans. Of that number, 11.6 million live in sub-Saharan Africa (that’s over 77%). The vision and goal of AOSC is to provide for children whose parents have died of the HIV/AIDS virus, and children or widows who do not have a sustaining family. Of course our ultimate goal is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This ministry builds Orphan Rescue Units. The Rescue Units are small portable buildings set up near the orphans’ own villages. We can help several hundred orphans in a three to five mile radius of a Unit which we couldn’t possibly do with a resident orphanage. Through these Units, we are meeting the needs of children who once had no one to care for them. We assist the children by providing them with the following:

1. Most importantly, we share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the orphans.
2. Medical treatment and the provision of malaria and other common preventative medications.

3. Food during nutrition seminars and teaching them how to plant gardens and care for animals to prevent starvation.

4. Educational opportunities by providing school fees and uniforms for primary education.

5. Camps for spiritual and social development.

6. We are also making a difference by enhancing village life through the donations of nutrition seminars, wells and grinding mills.

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