A prayer for Munang’andu

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When communities don’t have access to clean water, children and their families are at risk of many dangers: diarrhea and other illnesses like Guinea worm, long walks to carry heavy buckets, and more … sometimes as simple as having to reach down into a hole.

In Zambia, Munang’andu lost her 5-year-old son, Wise, when he fell into a water hole and drowned. He was trying to help her.

Read how loss but also hope for clean water remain with Munang’andu today.

I cover many sad stories for World Vision, but the ones that hurt the most involve the loss of a child.

For a mother, a father, a family, there is nothing more heartbreaking.

From experience, I know this is true.

My family lost a child: my oldest brother, Bill. At 13 months, he died of a brain tumor. Bill’s loss devastated my parents. He’d been crowned “Baby of the Year,” the first child born that January in our town.


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