A Life-Affirming Choice

Brenda* came to Go Mobile for Life’s pregnancy clinic for a scheduled ultrasound. She brought her mom, the father of the baby, and his mom. We quickly realized this was going to be a difficult and potentially volatile situation.

After a few years of being together, Brenda and the father of the baby, James, split up. He only came to the appointment to see if Brenda was telling the truth about her pregnancy. He wanted to know if the baby was his and stated that he would be getting a paternity test. His mom was in agreement.

While the nurse took Brenda back for her ultrasound, James sat with his mom and Brenda’s mom in the counseling area of the unit. Each mom argued about the pregnancy and the mistake their kids had made as they tried to shift blame. There was significant disagreement on the right choice to be made. James’ mom felt abortion was a good option while Brenda’s mom defended the life of her grandchild. James remained detached and allowed his mother to speak for him.

When we showed them the baby models, James’ mom was not visibly moved. James did not want to look at the babies at all or hold them. His mom stated, “He wants nothing to do with her or the pregnancy.”

We affirmed James’ role as a dad and the courage it would take to be a father as well as the difficulties and blessings.

As the ultrasound came up on the TV in the counseling room, we no longer heard any talking. When asked if they saw the baby’s heartbeat, there was a visible softening when they all answered yes.

Before the families left, we had the opportunity to pray for them. We prayed for the baby and the future. We thanked God for His graciousness to bring peace and give wisdom when we ask. We affirmed His plans in creation knowing He saw this baby from the foundation of the world, and has a special purpose for this baby. As we ended the prayer, James’ mom had tears on her face.

Brenda told us she is committed to keeping the baby and her mother affirmed her help. Praise the Lord! Please pray for these families and their circumstances!
(* Patient’s name changed to protect her privacy)

Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed.
And in Your book they all were written,
The days fashioned for me,
When as yet there were none of them.

Psalm 139:16

Go Mobile For Life is a non-profit faith-based ministry whose mission is to GO serve women, GO save lives and GO share Jesus. Using our licensed mobile pregnancy clinic, we equip women to make life-affirming choices. We educate the broader community (churches, schools, community events, social media) about the sanctity of life. We advocate on behalf of women and babies in the courts and the public sphere. Learn how you can volunteer or support their ministry here. You can also watch a short video about their ministry here.

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