A God-sized goal

Post Summary: 

This month, we’re honoring Team World Vision runners and the challenges they have faced and overcome. You can read Olympian Lopez Lomong’s story here and Chicago teacher Daniel Bauer’s story here.

Kristy Everard from Detroit is the third runner in our series. Read the challenging story that brought her to God and to Team World Vision, and the God-sized goal that she’s running toward!

Have you ever heard the nursery rhyme, “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”? Well, was the spider. Life was the water spout. I hadn’t been climbing long before the top of the spout was in sight: wonderful husband, amazing two-year-old daughter, beautiful home on a lake, baby on the way, emerging relationship with God. It couldn’t get much better.

Then the rain came down. Only, it was more like a torrential downpour that had its sights set on me and the things I cherished.


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