24 Christians released by ISIS

(Photo from 8Thirty8 on Facebook)

(Photo from 8Thirty8 on Facebook)

Syria (MNN) — There’s good news coming out of Syria. A Christian on the ground reports ISIS has released 24 more Assyrian Christians. More than 200 were abducted last week as ISIS took Assyrian villages in Syria.

E3 Partners Middle East expert Tom Doyle says, “We don’t exactly know if they escaped, if someone paid a ransom–we really don’t know what happened. We just want to thank the Mission Network News listeners for praying. You’ve been a part of something historic.”

Doyle adds, “Some key Christian leaders were let go. The families were going through some agony.”

Don’t think ISIS is easing up. They continue to spread their message of terror and death. “Now they’re able to do that through social media and announce where they’re going. They had promised to raze 30 Christian villages to the ground. I don’t know if that has happened.”

Many in their path live in fear, similar to the Assyrians in Bible days. “They were the most feared group in the Old Testament. Entire villages, we know from biblical history, killed themselves when they heard [they] were on their way.”

But Doyle doesn’t want us to get discouraged. “Jesus is not on the throne biting His nails because of ISIS. Somehow, He is using this to accomplish His objective.”


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Doyle adds, “If you watch the news at night, you’d have to conclude that the body of Christ is getting ‘creamed.’ That couldn’t be further from the truth. We are seeing faster underground church growth in Syria than we’ve ever known about.”

Some members of ISIS are even showing an interest in Jesus. Doyle says, “We’ve got to pray for them, too. No one is unreachable.”

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