2019 College Summer Break Missions Trip!

Trip By: Epic Missions
Location: United States, Northern America
When: Customizable: May-Aug 2019
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2019 College Summer Missions Trips to Florida are perfect when you rely upon Epic Missions to plan your itinerary! Let us do the work for you!

Book a 2019 College Summer Missions Trip that will change your life forever in one week! So many ministry opportunities available where your College team can serve and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Your College team can work with children, elderly as well as adopt a needy family! You can do more evangelism as you work with the homeless, hungry and displaced.

Epic Missions runs a REAL Mission on its own 16 acre base in Vero Beach Florida. Other agencies are claiming they live or send teams to Vero, but only one organization runs a full time Mission base where short term missionaries are housed, fed and cared for in the community – and that is Epic Missions. Be careful – all others will send you to a church or social center to sleep on the floor and go to the YMCA for showers. They act simply as a broker and are not running an actual base that cares for its’ short term missionaries.

At Epic Missions, Inc, we love our short term missionaries. We take good care of you and have a return rate of over 70% year after year. The options are endless and you get to CHOOSE how your team is to serve according to your ministry desires and talents! Epic Missions will house your team, feed you three delicious meals a day, and lead you on the trip of a lifetime!

Your College Summer Missions Trip includes 3 delicious meals per day, overnight accommodations, Epic guide, and area missions to troubled teens, at risk Youth, migrant farmers families, special needs children, food pantry, soup kitchen, homeless shelter, Youth outreach, neighborhood VBS and block party, ministry to rehab homes and optional Disney / Epcot / Beach Day of relaxation.

Call for availability today: 855-777-3742