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Partners Worldwide

Active in 21 countries, Partners Worldwide is a global network of Christian entrepreneurs who show their faith in their everyday business practices.  Partners Worldwide links Christian businesspeople in the developed world with small and medium size entrepreneurs in… Read More

World Toilet Organization (WTO)

Specializing in clean water and sanitation, the World Toilet Organization (WTO) is based in Singapore and serves over 50 countries worldwide. The WTO’s mission is to improve sanitation conditions for people through education, innovative technology, and advocacy. The… Read More

Water Step

Water Step (formerly known as EdgeOutreach) primarily focuses on training people for helping developing countries address issues such as sanitation and the lack of clean water. In addition, Water Step offers affordable technology products that deal with a… Read More

Medical Ministry International

(MMI) All flavors of health care professionals, translators, techs, fix-it people, general helpers, and spouses welcomed. Summer projects are planned so families can bring teenagers. Dozens of destinations around the world. We have over 65 one and two-week… Read More

Medical Teams International

Well known agency delivers medical and dental care worldwide. Emergency response teams. Frequent construction projects in various countries usually associated with medical facilities or disaster recover. Also active in Community Health, Dental Programs, Disaster Response, Emergency Medical Care,… Read More

Medical Missions Scholarships

(Christian Medical and Dental Associations site. “CMDA provides various mission scholarships for student and resident members wishing to spend time overseas as a rotation elective. We also provides a scholarship to medical students beginning their 1st or 2nd… Read More