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Dance speaks across cultural boundaries! Use it on short term outreaches. God created this wonderful gift that ministers to and touches the hearts of people. Teach workshops to build relationships and evangelize. You will need dance experience and… Read More

Teen Missions International

Go on a missions trip this summer with Teen Missions International! Make a difference helping AIDS Orphans, distributing food, medical aid, or clothing. Some teams will use motorcycles, backpacking, sports or workprojects to reach people physically and spiritually.Mission trips will use evangelism tools such as drama,… Read More

Worem International

World Revival Evangelistic Ministries(WOREM) is an organisation doing evangelism, church planting, discipleship, pastors training, widows and orphans ministries in the neediest villages in Africa We do crusades, conferences and outreach in orphanages and empower widows and the needy…. Read More

Cornerstone Children’s Ranch

Hello and Greeting from Texas. We are looking for Christians campers wanting to volunteer work this fall through spring at Cornerstone Children’ Ranch, located in Quemado, TX. # Note there is no pay other than in Heaven. We… Read More