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Casa Mateo Mission House

Located in Jinotepe, Carazo, Nicaragua, this refurbished hotel provides an excellent facility for short term mission teams, seminars, encounters, retreats, and other ministry-related events. Sponsored by Matthew 5:16 Ministry, dedicated to minister to the abused, abandoned and needy children and youth of the area. The post Casa Mateo Mission House appeared first on Mission Finder. …

Nicaragua Relief Fund

(Managua ans Jinotepe, Nicaragua) Providing a safe and healthy home for abused, abandoned or orphaned children. Emphasis on establishing a strong commitment to Jesus Christ, education and counseling. Volunteers welcomed. Short term mission groups welcomed and encouraged to come. Any and all skills, abilities are useful. The post Nicaragua Relief Fund appeared first on Mission …

Daniel’s House

(Carazo, Nicaraqua) We provide homes where foster parents live with 4-8 orphaned, abandoned, battered or indigent children, providing for their physical, emotional, educational and spiritual needs. Vocational Training School. Extensive, area-wide feeding program. Volunteers welcomed to inquire. Matthew 5:16 Ministries (Ministerio Mateo 5:16) The post Daniel’s House appeared first on Mission Finder. Read Original Article

For His Glory Ministries

We have been preaching the gospel for over 25 years. For the past five years we have been working in Nicaragua. God has given us such a burden to reach the wonderful people of this country. It is our hearts desire to reach out and be God’s hands and feet extended. James 1:27 Our ministry …

New Hope Children’s Foundation

Learn Spanish FREE as you teach English in our free Christian school with more than 300 students in the mountain village of El Crucero, Nicaragua. No degree necessary, only command of English language. Minimum age: 18. Housing furnished. The post New Hope Children’s Foundation appeared first on Mission Finder. Read Original Article

Rainbow Network

Rainbow Network is an interdenominational Christian Ministry working only in rural remote Nicaragua with about 42,000 people who live in 112 specific communities of Nicaragua. Everything we do involves community participation. We have significant community organizations in each village and do our work through these groups. We focus on healthcare, education, economic development and housing. The post Rainbow Network …

Hogar El Reposo

(Atlantic coast region of Nicaragua) Small residential facility, plus feeding program, school, medical assistance. Sponsored by FUNAD (FUndación Nicaragüense para el Auxilo y el Desarrollo). The post Hogar El Reposo appeared first on Mission Finder. Read Original Article

Campo Alegria

Our goal is to show Christ’s love to under-privileged children who need a helping hand, using the universal language of children: fun! Mission teams have a rewarding opportunity, and our coordinators help you at every step. Volunteers welcomed! – you only need love for children. We will arrange your time around your skills. The post …

Good Samaritan Baptist Mission

We’ve been working in Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, and Costa Rica for more than 35 years, and have 5 Christian Schools, Radio Stations, Bible Schools, Feed the Hungry centers and much more. We urge like-minded believers to contact us for group trips, or to help us using your skills in teaching, construction, evangelism, radio, etc. The …

Strong Missions

Well-planned trips to Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Opportunities include medical and dental missions, construction and repair (churches, schools, homes), wheelchair and book donation/distribution, etc. Help disabled children in a variety of ways, including teaching English. The post Strong Missions appeared first on Mission Finder. Read Original Article