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Zindu Africa

The Community Response for Orphans and Vulnerable Children Support and Outreach  in Kenya, Africa works to improve the living standards of orphans and children by providing sustainable basic needs.  They provide support through food and nutrition by providing… Read More

Medical Missions Scholarships

(Christian Medical and Dental Associations site. “CMDA provides various mission scholarships for student and resident members wishing to spend time overseas as a rotation elective. We also provides a scholarship to medical students beginning their 1st or 2nd… Read More

MAP International Medical Fellowship

The MAP International Fellowship program encourages lifelong involvement in global health issues by providing selected medical students firsthand exposure in a Christian context to the health, social and cultural characteristics of a developing world community. Fourth-year medical students,… Read More

Havilla Children’s Centre

Havilla Children’s Centre is located in one of the largest slums in Kenya, Africa.  There is extreme poverty. We offer education, a feeding program and healthcare for children 3 to 7  years old. We welcome volunteers to help cook, teach, healthcare, sports and activities. Plus… Read More