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African Orphanage

African Orphanage is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing Christ-centered services to HIV/AIDS orphans and poor rural communities in Kenya.  African Orphanage’s core role is to manage an orphanage that houses neediest orphans in the society, supporting their… Read More

Mission for Tribes and Nations

Mission for Tribes and Nations is an Indigenous evangelical Christian Organization that takes Gospel of Jesus Christ to unreached tribes and rural communities in Nepal, India and Kenya. Founded by Pastor Ruben Rasaili in 2008, it networks with Indigenous Churches in other countries and partners… Read More

Seeds In His Garden

(Nairobi, Kenya) Helping orphans to break the chains of being stigmatized, and providing exceptional opportunities to become leaders for their country and Make a Difference for themselves and others. All volunteers are welcome to inquire. We’ll try to… Read More

New Life Hope Orphanage

(Kenya) The orphanage offers education, food, clothing and shelter for orphaned children. Volunteers can help with many activities, including in the play area and with medical needs. email address The post New Life Hope Orphanage appeared first on… Read More

Partners Worldwide

Active in 21 countries, Partners Worldwide is a global network of Christian entrepreneurs who show their faith in their everyday business practices.  Partners Worldwide links Christian businesspeople in the developed world with small and medium size entrepreneurs in… Read More