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Swahiba Youth Networks

Swahiba Youth Networks is a Christian Organization whose primary objective is to reach communities both in the Urban and Rural areas with the Gospel message through evangelism, discipleship, mentorship, empowerment, social involvement, networking and partnerships. The post Swahiba Youth Networks appeared first on Mission Finder. Read Original Article

African Orphanage

African Orphanage is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing Christ-centered services to HIV/AIDS orphans and poor rural communities in Kenya.  African Orphanage’s core role is to manage an orphanage that houses neediest orphans in the society, supporting their education by providing a smooth conducive environment at home and school, providing them with food, school uniforms, …

Volunteer Ecuador

There are many reasons for opting for Outreach when picking a volunteer organisation, from the way we choose and support our projects to the way we support our volunteers. The post Volunteer Ecuador appeared first on Mission Finder. Read Original Article

Gotemin Children’s Home

Gotemin Children’s Home and Reycare Centre is an institution that takes care of orphaned and vulnerable children. We feed, clothe, house, educate and provide spiritual as well as parental love. We also need missionaries to come and assist us to evangelize in our churches here in Kenya. The post Gotemin Children’s Home appeared first on …

Lord’s Servants Academy

Lord’s Servants Academy Kitale, Kenya founded in 2012 as a new addition to God’s work in the community where many families can not afford quality or any education.  LSA offers classes from Nursery to standard 5 and up to standard 7 (2017).  A 2nd 4 room quality building will open in January, 2016.  LSA provides a …


Water.org  closely works with carefully screened local partner organizations to help impoverished people in Africa and the Caribbean obtain safe drinking water and sanitation.  Water.org also uses financial methods such as micro-credit. The post Water.org appeared first on Mission Finder. Read Original Article

Kick Start

Founded by American engineers, Kick Start is a non-profit organization that developed and markets water pumping products. These products are priced between $35.00 and $95.00. Kick Start has offices in Mali, Tanzania, and Kenya. The post Kick Start appeared first on Mission Finder. Read Original Article

Through The Storm Ministries

(Kenya, Africa) Still in planning stage, waiting for finalization of land grant. Will house 100 children + staff. Volunteers with all types of skills are welcome, especially children’s Bible teaching. The post Through The Storm Ministries appeared first on Mission Finder. Read Original Article

African Volunteering

African Volunteering is an organization registered in Kenya to connect volunteers with projects. We have quite a lot of volunteer placements projects in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. We make sure that volunteers are placed in projects where they get great experience and learn more cultures from different peoples.   The post African Volunteering appeared first on …

Encouragement Children’s Home

(Kenya) We have 27 children in a great building (hotel) we purchased in 2005 in Western Kenya. (See website) Volunteers are welcome. We are constantly building, repairing, and painting rooms and buildings. No special skills necessary. The post Encouragement Children’s Home appeared first on Mission Finder. Read Original Article