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Casa Mateo Mission House

Located in Jinotepe, Carazo, Nicaragua, this refurbished hotel provides an excellent facility for short term mission teams, seminars, encounters, retreats, and other ministry-related events. Sponsored by Matthew 5:16 Ministry, dedicated to minister to the abused, abandoned and needy children and youth of the area. The post Casa Mateo Mission House appeared first on Mission Finder. …

Casa de Esperanza

A halfway house where eligible orphaned and abandoned 18 year old girls, after leaving the confines of an orphanage, can receive further education and employment skills, and learn about life and the dangers of the street. The post Casa de Esperanza appeared first on Mission Finder. Read Original Article

Dorie’s Promise Guatemala

(Guatemala) With no government structure in place to care for orphans, our offer children the hope for a new life. Once a child is welcomed into our home they are immediately showered with love and are cared for in a most special way. The post Dorie’s Promise Guatemala appeared first on Mission Finder. Read Original …

Alpha Aviation

Have you thought about becoming a missionary pilot? Our two-week program is designed for students who feel they may have a call to missions aviation, but aren’t sure. Experience actual firsthand training in the pilot and mechanic programs. Combine with a five-day mission trip to Mexico. Two-week Missionary Aviation Exploration program for students who may …

Daniel’s House

(Carazo, Nicaraqua) We provide homes where foster parents live with 4-8 orphaned, abandoned, battered or indigent children, providing for their physical, emotional, educational and spiritual needs. Vocational Training School. Extensive, area-wide feeding program. Volunteers welcomed to inquire. Matthew 5:16 Ministries (Ministerio Mateo 5:16) The post Daniel’s House appeared first on Mission Finder. Read Original Article

Goal Ministries

Global Outreach for Addiction Leadership develops trains and supports international indigenous Christian leadership in alcohol and other drug addiction treatment, encouraging community based prevention and 12-step recovery. Current work in Romania, Honduras and Russia. Short term trainers needed. The post Goal Ministries appeared first on Mission Finder. Read Original Article

Foundation for the Children

(San Jose Pinula, Guatemala) To accomplish the rescue of abandoned and abused children of all ages we created Fundaninos and the Home of Homes. Children receive love, food, Christian orientation, and education. They go to school near the home. Volunteers welcomed to inquire. Adoptions. The post Foundation for the Children appeared first on Mission Finder. …