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Fellowship of Associates of Medical Evangelism

(FAME) Short term medical opportunities in many nations. Eye, dental and medical clinics, hospitals, mobil units. Honduras, Haiti, Ghana West Africa, Panama, Zimbabwe, more. Aims to provide medical facilities, medicines and medical equipment, and mobile medical personnel and… Read More

WEC International (U.S. Office)

Active in over 80 countries, WEC (Worldwide Evangelization for Christ) is one of the largest interdenominational mission-sending agencies. WEC arranges short and longer-term mission trips. WEC also helped produce an excellent 978 page book that covers every country… Read More

Heifer Project International

Heifer Project International has been helping to end world hunger and poverty for 65 years. Livestock and training have helped millions of hungry families obtain a sustainable source of income and food. Its approach emphasizes community involvement, which… Read More

International Fellowship of Evangelical Students

IFES Teams. Matching skills, hopes and availability to just the right slot for European Christian students and graduates for short-term student evangelism opportunities across Europe, from Iceland to Israel, Portugal to Vladivostock. The post International Fellowship of Evangelical… Read More