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Friends of Ludhiana

Friends of Ludhiana is the UK support base for the work centred at the Christian Medical College & Hospital (CMC), Ludhiana, Punjab, North India. We support the Christian Medical College and Hospital, the Christian Dental College, the College… Read More

Aswasa Bhavan

An alliance of Corrections India, we offer care and education for the children of prisoners. When either or both the parents are in prison and there is no one to look after the children, they miss education and… Read More

Frishta School and Orphanage

(Chandigarh, Punjab, India) Advancing the welfare of Indian street, ‘railway’ and orphaned children by providing education and homes with small “families” and house parents. We need English teacher, Youth worker/assistant, house parents, Gardening and Forestry workers, Builders, Plumbers,… Read More

Anna Ministries

At Anna Ministries we care for orphaned and destitute children. Come and touch the life of a child who desperately need your help. Teachers welcome. Just playing with the children would be wonderful: stickers, toys, coloring books, and… Read More